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Karen Sutton joins the Board of Augment Resources

We are delighted to announce that Karen Sutton has joined the Board of Augment Resources. A graduate of ANU and London Business School, Karen brings a wealth of experience including being Chief Procurement Officer at CBA, Head of Procurement at Suncorp, and Head of Global Corporate Services – APAC at Citi. Karen is a thought…

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My Graduate Experience at Augment Resources

By Arjun Chelackal Anilkumar, Commercial Manager, Augment Resources. After completing my Master’s degree in Supply Chain Management from RMIT, Melbourne, I was in search of an opportunity to enter the world of procurement and contracts. However, a graduate pathway in this field was very rare until Augment Resources launched their 2020 Graduate Program, which allowed…

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May you live in interesting times – An offer from Augment

Beloved author Terry Pratchett once wrote, “May you live in interesting times.” It was meant as an insult. A curse. We certainly live in interesting times. As a society we are facing an unprecedented response to an unprecedented event. Only, it feels a little familiar, doesn’t it? We’ve been making movies about just this kind of thing…

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Getting caught short – Rethinking supply chain risk

For more than 20 years, a just in time philosophy has dominated supply chain thinking. With recent global events and the high probability of more to come, this almost certainly must change. JIT. Kanban. Kaizen. Lean. Six Sigma. Words and concepts that have become synonymous with the manufacturing and supply chain sectors. Driven respectively out…

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2020 Outlook – Project Procurement, Diversity, and Climate Risk

The saying ‘Change is the only constant’ could have been written with the procurement sector in mind. We see wave after wave of procurement transformations and restructures across ASX 100 and leading private and public institutions, usually with the exit of a CPO and a change in philosophy from the new incumbent. But change isn’t…

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Augment Resources – Class of 2020

Our creative response to the needs of our client have highlighted an industry-wide problem. In late 2019, one of our clients – a leading financial institution – came to us with a problem; they wanted to right-shore their operational procurement functions after the off-shore model had displayed several endemic inefficiencies and an increased risk exposure.…

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