Service Continuity Disaster Averted

Our client was provided with very short termination notice from a mission critical Point of Sale I.T provider. There was a very real risk that the business would not be able to process any transactions prior to the appointment of a new provider. Given near impossible timelines and the mission criticality of this service, Augment recommended concurrent strategies: An immediate negotiated extension of the termination notice provided by the incumbent provider (to buy more time). A “sole source” market engagement and negotiation strategy with the one known viable alternative. A review of all other I.T related contracts to ensure that they were fit for purpose, conformed, were current, had appropriate “transition out” terms (and where not) renegotiated to ensure that a similar scenario was unable to unfold in future. The immediate business continuity crisis was averted and the client was now armed with market engagement strategies, contract structures and an ongoing Vendor Management ethos that would ensure it would not be left that exposed in future.